Good , Sad, Good

Over the weekend I went to see Aaron Carter in concert.  It was a lot of fun.  Got to meet him and get his autograph.

Tuesday night I got a phone call from Kelly (my stepdads partner) and he told me that my grandmother passed away in her sleep.  I miss her so much.  I have been crying off and on for the last few days.  The services are on Sunday in Illionis.  Love you Grandma!!

Wednesday night I went to a U of A basketball game.  It was really good.  Right now they are #1.


I had a great and fun weekend.

Friday – I got around five and got ready to go shopping with mom.  We had a lot of fun.  We went all over and found some really good deals.  I found some Christmas presents for people.

Saturday – I worked 6-10.  Then I went to lunch at Zinburger with Jenn.  Did a little bit of shopping.  Then I went to dinner at Olive Garden with Kelly.  It was a good day.

Sunday – I worked 4-12.  Hung around house.  Me and mom went to Sharon’s house for our Civitan Christmas Party.  We made twenty-one blankets for a place that needed blankets.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I had a good Thanksgiving day.  I didn’t have to work.  :)  I got up around seven and went to get the paper.  It was the largest paper they have every done.  There are a lot of things that I have seen that I want and to get people.  Then I watch the Macy’s parade.  That is a tradion for me and mom to watch every year.  I took a nap.  Then went over the my mother’s boyfriend Carl’s house for dinner.  Food was very good.  Now time to go to bed.

On Friday is the big Black Friday.  I can’t wait to go shopping with mom.  It should be fun.  We have are day plan on what shops to go to.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Friday and Saturday were great days.  Today was so-so.

Friday I went out to dinner and saw a movie with my good friends.  We ate at Thunder Canyon Brewery and we saw Hunger Games part 2 Catching Fire.  The movie was really good.  I would see it again.  It was a lot a fun to hang out with my friends.

Saturday I got to go to the U of A football game against Oragon Ducks.  The Cats won 42-16.  It was a great game to see.  I am glad that I got to go.  Thanks to Zippy for the tickets and for Carl III for taking me.  It was cold but a lot of fun.  BEARDOWN CATS!!

Sunday I work in GM for four hours and then I am back in the Bakery.  I so don’t want to be there but oh well.  I wish I can chew up for what I said that I can work there if you need someone for help.  Oh Well!  Few more days and then off Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  YEAH!!  Shopping baby!




Today was okay.  I got my new speaker system up for my ipod this morning so I can finally listen to music.  I workout and did some errands.  That is it.  There a lot I still need to do tomorrow.  I need to get to bed here soon.


Today was a good day.  I had the day off from work.  I got up at five this morning and never got back to sleep.  I went to workout and I want to lunch with the roadrunner Civitan group.  It was good to see everyone.

Today I got something done that I wanted done but I do have a lot more things to do tomorrow and on Friday too after work.

Mom did have a good birthday.

Last night I felt so alone.  I guess I will be alone for the rest of my life.  People always tell me there is someone for everyone out there but I just don’t believe.  I like three guys and they all have someone in their lives.  Am I nice of a person be around someone for the rest of my life.

Right now I am listening to Christmas music.  I want to be in the mood for the holidays.  But I never know how my holidays will be this year.


I am happy because today is my mother’s birthday.  I love her so much.  She is my best friend.  I wouldn’t know what I could without her as my mother.  I got her a gift card to go towards a new phone.  Tonight we are going to Zona 78 for dinner.   It should be a good night.